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AMI International Prophetic Workshop

September 2-4, 2016

Berne, Switzerland

A Trumpet Call Has Gone Out in the Spirit

Mighty warriors are being called from every corner of the globe to gather and to be armed and equipped for the battlefield.

The Lord has given you a fire to change the church, and a passion to pay any cost to see the Bride without spot and wrinkle. Your prophetic call encompasses so much more than just giving a word in your local church or interceding by yourself in your prayer closet.

Your call is to make an impact on the entire body of Christ in every country, in every nation.

It is time to join your brothers and sisters in the spirit all over the world to fight the powers of darkness.

In this workshop, you will find out exactly who the Lord has called you to be, recognize the same fire and spirit from prophets from every tribe and nation, and learn and function in the weapons and gifts that the Lord has given to each and every prophet!

This is your opportunity to receive from and fellowship with the ministers from Apostolic Movement International, and experience firsthand how our team, all from all different walks of life, culture, and experiences, have come together to stand with you, and equip you for your call.

It is time that you come out from the wilderness or from your cave and into the light.

You may have felt alone in your journey, but the stirring in your spirit that you feel is also the call to gather and connect with those who have been called and anointed to fight alongside you.

As you heed this trumpet call of the Lord, you will meet like-minded, passionate warriors from all over the world.

You will able to look to your left, and to your right, and see another mighty warrior, ready to do battle and pay any price for the call of God.

It is time now for you to go beyond what you have known, to know who the Lord has called you to be, where you are going, and to be armed and trained to use every weapon of warfare against the enemy. Come and join us, in unity of spirit, to take back the land from the enemy and wage war in both heaven and earth.

Reserve your seat now and claim your place in AMI's International Prophetic Workshop and boldly step forward in your prophetic call!


Included in the Workshop is a chance to sit in the "Hot Seat." You will not leave this meeting without receiving a message from the Lord. Every attendee will have the opportunity to meet with a team of AMI Ministers to see what message the Lord has for them.

What is it that you need... direction? Confirmation? A word of encouragement or to just make sense of what God is doing in your life? Whatever it is, the Lord is here to meet you.

That is what the Hot Seat is all about. All AMI Fivefold Ministers are trained and equipped by Apostles Craig and Colette themselves. As you come to receive, reach out in faith and see what the Lord has in store for you!

Workshop Curriculum

(Every meeting will be translated into German)

Meeting 1:

Friday, September 2

TIME: 6:30 PM

The Prophetic Calling Checklist (Signs of the Prophetic Call)

Think that the road you have walked and the challenges you have faced are merely coincidence? Think again! Learn to clearly identify the signs of your own prophetic call and also be able to assess if someone else has a prophetic call as well.

Meeting 2:

Saturday, September 3

TIME: 10:00 AM

Anointed to be a Prophet

Have you ever noticed that when a prophet leads worship, the presence of the Lord appears so powerfully? It is because of the prophetic anointing. The prophet can do nothing without it. Whether it is leading worship, in intercession, or whatever a prophet does, find out in this session how and why the anointing that the Lord has already given you is everything you need to fulfill your call.

Meeting 3:

Saturday, September 3

TIME: 6:30 PM

The Prophetic Gifts

Oftentimes people think if a person can prophesy, they are a prophet. No, this is just a believer flowing in the gifts. However, as a prophet, you need to know how to function in all the gifts of the spirit, and to be familiar with these weapons of warfare that the Lord has given you. Come learn what the prophet is actually supposed to do in the body of Christ.

Meeting 4:

Sunday, September 4

Time: 10:00 AM

Your Prophetic Call - Step by Step

Just because you have a prophetic call, doesn't mean that you popped out of the womb ready to walk in the fullness of prophetic office. The Lord takes you through an intensive, transforming, and life-changing process to take you as a raw stone and turn you into a beautiful and precious diamond. In this session, learn how each step of your journey has been in the hand of the Lord, and where you are now, and the road of training ahead.